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Mythic 15 Boost

Mythic 15 Boost
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Mythic +15 dungeon boost is a single run into one of eight challenging Shadowlands dungeons on a Mythic +15 key difficulty. It is required to get the highest 278 ilvl weekly gear in the Great Vault.

Buying Mythic +15 run from the professional key-masters is the fastest way to gear your character in WoW Shadowlands.

The new Great Vault system in Shadowlands requires you to complete only 1 mythic +15 dungeon a week to get 1 highest item level item in it. The dungeon can be completed not “in timer”.

WoW Mythic 15 carry includes:

  1. Fast +15 key run, not "in timer".
  2. Guaranteed 278 ilvl item from Great Vault.
  3. x1 262 ilvl gear (2 items for timed run) in the chest (spread randomly across party members).
  4. x135 Valor points for each run (+65 additional Valor if you didn't complete this dungeon on 15 level).
  5. Mythic+ rating increased (in case you didn't do this dungeon on 15+ difficulty).
  6. Part of Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three.
  7. Part of Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Three.

Boost takes: ~30-40 minutes/dungeon.


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